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Dharma & Greg 4x16

Judy & Greg

Fleeing from Kitty’s talk on popular restoration of Victoria architecture, Dharma drags Greg into a neighboring high-school reunion for the class of ’81, assuming the identities of no-shows Todd and Judy. She is non-plussed to discover that everyone present loathes „“Judy““ for the terrible things she did to them in high school, and decides the universe wants her to make amends by visiting each of Judy’s former victims and apologizing. When this doesn’t work out, she tracks down the actual Judy for a confrontation.

Meanwhile, Larry offers Edward tips on how to revitalize the sexual side of his marriage, and encourages Abby to do the same for Kitty — but their advice („“let the other make the first move““) leads to stalemate.

Mar. 13, 2001

Dharma & Greg season 4

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